Chint Shield Wiring Accessories

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Back Box, Metal Clad 40mm, SM4001/2
From SHEILD range of METAL CLAD switches & sockets, wall fitting. CE / BSEN approved SM4..
Blanking Plates, Plastic, ST2411/ 12 for Wall  Mounting Boxes
Blanking Plates, Plastic, Single, ST2411 & double ST2412 for Wall  Mounting Boxes Please..
Double Data Plate, 4 Modules, ST2404 ..
Single Data Plate, 2 Modules, ST2402 ..
Flex Outlet, 20A, ST2520, Flex Outlet, 45A, ST2545   Please us drop down options box to s..
IP66, Double Gang Enclosure SWP8623
IP66, Double Gang Enclosure SWP8623,an IP66 rated enclosure. from Chint SHIELD'S new weat..
IP66, Single Gang Enclosure SWP8613
IP66, Single Gang Enclosure SWP8613,an IP66 rated enclosure. from Chint SHIELD'S new weatherpr..
Junction Boxes,  SA5001 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
Junction Boxes,   SA5001, 5A, SA5002,  20A 4 Terminal Box (58mm), SA5003, 20A 4 T..
Wall  Mounting Boxes, Plastic SV4001
Wall  Mounting Boxes, Plastic, SV4001, 16mm single, SV4002, 25mm single, SV4003, 35mm ..
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